Adele Razkövi is an Austrian visual artist, working in the fields of artistic animation, painting and object art. She studied at the Vienna University of Applied Arts and the University of Fine Arts in Granada, Spain. In her latest work, animal characteristics reflect human behavior and she questions our relationship to nature. Adele was a finalist at the Luxembourg ArtPrize 2019, took part in numerous national and international exhibitions and art fairs. Her animation films were shown at film festivals all over the world and won various awards. Adele lives in Lower Austria and Vienna and is mother of two daughters.




Vikram Chandra’s latest book is Geek Sublime: The Beauty of Code, the Code of Beauty. He has also written the novels Sacred Games and Red Earth and Pouring Rain and the short story collection Love and Longing in Bombay. He is an executive producer on a series based on Sacred Games. This series was included in The New York Times’ 2019 list of The 30 Best International TV Shows of the Decade. His honours include a Guggenheim fellowship, the Commonwealth Writers Prize (Eurasia), the Crossword Prize, and the Salon Book Award. He teaches creative writing at the University of California, Berkeley. His work has been translated into nineteen languages. He is a co-founder of Granthika, a software startup that is building a next-generation tool for fiction writers.




 A message from the past, a direction for the future.


Musik- Ed Siblik,

Sounddesign- Adele Razkövi & Ed Siblik

Sanskrit poem by Bhartṛhari (circa 5th century CE), from his Śatakatrayam.

Sanskrit recitations by Sanhita Joshi and Dr. Satyam Dwivedi [https://www.satyamdwivedi.com/] English recitation by Kubbra Sait [https://www.kubbrasait.com/].

Pandemic Boids and code animation by Ivan Hornung [http://bit.ly/ivan-hornung].

Digital rain provided by https://matrix.logic-wire.de/.

Image of „Modified Mandelbulb .04“ by Matias del Campo/SPAN

Thanks for inspiration and support to Johanna Finkh