Doris Schamp is an artist/cartoonist/teacher from Austria with a strong connection to Los Angeles. Her La Razzia cartoons have been published in many magazines, she designed several characters for Red Bull and Cartoon Network and she won the International Cartoon Award of Aachen (Germany) in 2013. Schamp´s works are shown in museums as well as in art galleries in Europe and the US. The main topic of her paintings and cartoons is the human being and its behavior. Her works are part of the art collections of Helmut Marko, Oren Peli, the Austrian Cultural Forum New York and the Collection of Lower Austria and Burgenland.



Phil Savenick is a writer/producer/artist from Los Angeles who has spent his career examining the history of mass media. He chronicled the history of 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, and Walt Disney studios, and produced anniversary shows for CBS, ABC, NBC, and HBO. His film clip tributes have appeared on the Oscars, Grammys, Emmys, Comic Relief, and dozens of other specials. He also produced music videos for Tom Petty, Elton John, Billy Joel, and many others. As an artist, Phil's series “Painting with Ghosts” has been presented online and at art festivals. His “Televisionary Art" has been the subject of one-man exhibitions in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Toronto, Canada. 


When we were asked to envision a post-covid future, we realized our personal fantasies were fabulous, but never came true.  
As two artists of different generations from different parts of the globe, we share our visions of the future, but we soon realized it is the children who will inherit the world. Perhaps they have a better idea than we did. Through art and trans-national dialog, artists 10-17 years old help us envision a better tomorrow. We are all in this together.