Filmmaker lives and works in Vienna and Sardinia/Italy;

Movies: »we feed the world« 2005, »let’s make money« 2008, »black brown white« 2011, »alphabet« 2013, »but beautiful« 2019


Photo Credit: @ Lukas Beck



The pianist, composer, lecturer and author Kenny Werner was born 1951 in Brooklyn, NY and grew up in Oceanside, Long Island. He began playing classical piano as a child and in 1970 started his improvisation studies at the Berklee School of Music in Boston. Werner produced numerous jazz recordings and played among others with Charlie Mingus, Dizzy Gillespie, Pat Metheny, Joey Baron, Bobby McFerrin and John Scofield. In addition he composed songs for jazz orchestras in the US, Holland, Germany and Finland. 1996 he published his ground-breaking landmark opus “Effortless Mastery”, a book on how to allow the master musician from within to manifest.


Despite his creative output, Kenny is still focused on the music. ”I am still more and more aware of the true purpose of the music and the people who play it: to heal and unite the planet.





“It always seems to be a conflict with some sort of ruling class that doesn’t like the idea of humans understanding that everyone of them have the full power…the infinite power of the universe…”